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About Silver Willow Farm Animal Rescue

Silver Willow Farm Inc. was established in 1996 in Mansfield, Mulmur Ontario. It is the ONLY Sanctioned Non-specific-species Foster Farm in Ontario.

This means that the Silver Willow Farm in Mulmur and its operator, Laura McArthur have gone through many inspections, met all standards and criteria required and is an “Approved” Foster, Rehabilitation and Rescue Facility for ANY type of farm animal.

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What happens to the animals once they arrive at Silver Willow Farm?

All animals go through a thorough medical examination upon arrival.  Many need to be quarantined if showing any signs of viral activity.  Silver Willow Farm in Mulmur has biosecurity in place to protect the healthy residents at the farm.

All animals are put into a recovery program that meets their medical as well as nutritional and emotional requirements. Depending on the legality of the recovery or rescue, the animals can be adopted when they are healthy enough to find new homes. 

No animals leave Silver Willow Farm until they have a clean bill of health.  This means that some animals can never leave Silver Willow Farm due to chronic health or temperament issues.  Those animals will remain at Silver Willow Farm to live out their lives in peace and safety.

How can you help?

There are two methods of adopting from Silver Willow Farm in Mulmur:
  1. If the animal is healthy enough to go to a new home, arrangements for adoption can be made through Laura.
  2. If the animal is not healthy enough to go to a new home, a person or company or corporation may adopt an animal by means of a “Sponsorship Pledge”  and have it remain at Silver Willow Farm.  This sponsorship program is clearly the best way to enable someone to help an animal, without owning a farm or worrying about the day today care.  These animals are usually geriatrics who enjoy the visits by their sponsors.


Not everyone can afford to donate to the Silver Willow Farm Rescue but would still like to help.  If you live in the area, we welcome and encourage help on the farm.  Once a day, once a week or once a month, your help is encouraged.  What a great healthy way to do some good for animals in need!  It's ok if you don’t have experience with farm animals - there are so many jobs that need to be done on the farm.  From cleaning the stalls, to fixing fences or volunteering to simply park cars at the annual Silver Willow Classic Country Cruisin’ fundraiser .  Anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Click Here for a Volunteer Form.

Silver Willow Farm also has a student Co-op credit program with local high schools.



These animals did not chose the life they’ve been given.  They are domesticated farm animals... creations of mankind.  They are mankind's responsibility to care for them.

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