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Animals For Adoption

Silver Willow Farm Rescue Center has many horses looking to be adopted. Some are old and need a little more TLC, some are young and full of energy. However, they all need homes. It's too cold to be trying to get many winter photos, but we welcome a visit to come and meet them. Most are Thoroughbreds and if trained, require re-training to become pleasure riding horses. Most of the Thoroughbred horses have some type of mild handicap. If you have the room and a big heart, come meet these wonderful creatures. They can offer much love.

horses waiting to be adopted

horses waiting to be adopted Notes about horses:
  • Almost all horses have minor health issues, that's why they are here.
  • All the animals need to be adopted. Some can go to new homes or stay here if the adopter chooses this option. If you have the room please adopt. If you don't have the room, they can be adopted by means of a sponsorship.
  • There are new animals arriving all the time.
  • If you tell me what you’re looking for we can put you on a “wish list” and contact you when a rescue that may suit you comes available.

We also have pot bellied pigs that make great farm pets:

baby pig

Our beautiful prize Sizzles are old enough now to be adopted. They make wonderful pets and are just soooo cute. Tiny little birds that don't fly. Perfect for the house and don't travel more than a few feet from the door when you let them outside. Great bug catchers in your flower beds.

horses waiting to be adopted

We also still have a few goats available ... here are their before and after pictures!

horses waiting to be adopted

There are always animals available at the farm ... for more information, contact LauraLouMcArthur@gmail.com.


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